1. Fusion retains the copyright and license of all original

 material/s produced unless otherwise agreed upon by

 the client after receipt of full payment.


If a choice of design is presented, only one solution is

deemed to be given by Fusion as fulfilling its contract.

All other designs remain the property of Fusion,

unless agreed in writing that this arrangement has

been changed.


2.  All invoices, once submitted, are payable upon

completion. Payment is expected within 10 days of

invoice date, unless otherwise agreed upon. Balances outstanding after 10 days will be subject to a late fee

of $50. This late fee will be added to the original

invoice amount if not paid within 10 days. An

additional $50 will be added for every 30 days

thereafter. 90 days is the maximum.


3.  Any project remaining idle for more than 30 days will

be billed for work completed and expenses incurred.


 4.  All costs relating to printing and to the purchase of

online images or illustrations will be invoiced and paid

 up front before any print work is to commence or any

 images or illustrations are purchased to be used in

 final layouts.


5.  No project shall be undertaken without a signed

     agreement of estimated/quoted cost and terms.


6.  Fusion reserves the right to request a retainer of 50%

of initial estimate/quote before commencing a project.

7.  The client shall be responsible for costs arising from

     changes to the original project description. Fusion does

     offer 2 rounds of free amendments to every project.

     Anything beyond these 2 free amendments given well

     be estimated/quoted on with the additional costs. This

     revised estimate/quote must be signed and approved

     before additional work is to commence.


 8.  In the event of a project cancellation by the client,
      ownership of all copyright, written copy and designs are

      retained by Fusion. The client will be invoiced for work

      completed up to the cancellation date and expenses

      incurred up to the cancellation date.


9.  Copyright is retained by Fusion on all design work
     including words, pictures, ideas, visuals and illustrations. 

     Release of copyright will only be given once all costs

     have been settled and paid in full by the client.


10. Corporate logos, identities, product designs and

illustrations are subject to a 75% full copyright

transfer fee unless otherwise agreed upon.


11. Usage of copyright work is limited to that agreed in

section 1 above and stated on the client’s invoice.

The client agrees to indemnify Fusion against all

claims and expenses, including legal fees, arising

from unauthorized usage.


12. Fusion does manage accounts for clients. The cost of

      a managed advertising and marketing account will vary.

      The cost for a managed account will consist of client

      meetings (twice per month), meetings with other

      advertising vendors that are of interest, a detailed

      advertising and marketing budget, research of other

      advertising and marketing ventures that may be of

      interest and on going creative ideas and marketing

      strategies. Please call or email us for more information.


13. The booking of television, web ads, radio, magazines

      or any other form of advertising arranged by Fusion

      will be booked and billed in the name of the client/

      company unless otherwise agreed.




requiring a turnaround of 24 to 48 hours. All projects will

have an additional charge of $50 for administration fees.


In being charitable Fusion does offer a special rate for

registered charities. You will need to provide us with your registered charity number for us to verify your charitable

status for use of this rate.


We are more than happy to negotiate these terms to fit within your budget requirements for short or long term projects. All you have to do is ask.


We accept direct deposits, cash, checks, debit or credit

cards (Visa or Master cards only)*.


*For debit and credit cards there will be a 5% surcharge.

© Fusion. All rights reserved. Fusion is a division of





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