Fusion uses a strategy called “Guerrilla Marketing”.

This strategy can be instrumental in providing unconventional

marketing techniques that are designed to produce maximum

results using minimal resources (money and materials) this

gives extra leverage in the battles waged in the business

landscape. For start-up and small businesses in particular,

financial constraints do not allow the inclusion of a specialist

marketing professional and as a result, marketing activities

are either overlooked or implemented in a less than

optimal manner.


The guerrilla marketing strategy covers an enormous

spectrum that includes a little of everything.


 They are inexpensive to implement

 They involve a commitment of time and effort.

  They are unexpected, and sometimes shocking,

to the consumer.

  They concentrate on co-operation and

relationship-building, rather than competition

and strong arm sales tactics.

  They promote brand awareness and

customer loyalty.


Utilizing Fusion’s marketing experience; we create solutions that are cost effective and practical. Since every marketing encounter you have with a customer

is a chance to strengthen your brand image, the appearance of the piece is as important as the functionality. Fusion applies this sound, common-sense approach to the development of corporate identities, brochures, Business to Business marketing programs,

point-of-sale materials and packaging.


The best approach to creating an effective guerrilla marketing campaign is to determine where your target customers are, and find a unique way to reach them. When this strategy is implemented correctly it will add tremendous results to your bottom line.


Remember marketing that is unconventional, non-traditional,

not by-the-book, and extremely flexible is marketing that

gets noticed.


Fusion’s objective is to create programs that drive customers towards these goals in order to complete the communication cycle with a program that would be effective and affordable

for you to implement.

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